What is Aluminum Heat Sink

There are various metals with different properties. Some metals are used for luxury purposes such as diamond and gold, others are used for building purposes like brass, nickel, steel, copper, and many more. Every piece of equipment, in order to work efficiently, requires a good building block. And while engineering components, it is extremely significant to check qualities of the material that are going to be used, and it is also important to follow the factors that can affect the material “aluminium” in this case.

Aluminum is considered as the best option for the engineering heat sinks because it is cost-friendly, lightweight and more importantly, it has great thermal conductivity.

Which kinds of metals have the best heat conductivity?

Copper and aluminium, among other metals, have the highest thermal conductivity. Before using metal in any sort of application, it is very important to test the thermal conductivity. The rate of thermal conductivity helps to decide which metal should be used for a specific purpose.

Aluminum is a great conductor of heat sink, which makes it useful for constructing heat ex-changers. On the other hand, steel is a comparatively poor conductor of heat sink which makes it useful for high-temperature environment. That is why aluminum is preferred to be used in constructing a heat sink.

Aluminum heat sinks

Aluminum is considered as beneficial for electrical device managers. It is a great metal to be used in the construction of critical power cooling systems. Improvement in extrusion profile technology has made it possible to engineer heat sinks which call for a blend of greater strength and lighter weight.

Aluminum in comparison with other metals such as copper has lower thermal conductivity but it is far too difficult to extrude them into the shape of a heat sink. Secondly, aluminium is a lightweight metal, which is also another property that other metals do not possess.

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